Student Training - Marlia Yuliyanti Rosyidah

In framework of PREHSEA project, it was an honor to participated the short course of Paleoantropology in Paris. The short course started on April 21 until May 27 2015 and took part in two cities of France (Paris and Dogdorne) and Frankfurt, Germany. The short course purposes are; to advance the participant’s capability in analizing of human bones by measuring and writing description with the proper method, to advance the knowledge about museum and archaeological management, to introduce the technology applications for paleoanthropology research, to observe and make documentation the original collection of Sangiran 1-6 in Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany.

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Student Training - I Putu Yuda Haribuana

As one of researcher at the Indonesia’s National Archaeological Research Centre of Denpasar-Bali branch office, i am very grateful to be able to participate of this Short Course complementary trainning of the PREHsea project framework, currently implemented between France, Indonesia and the Philippines. The short course held on April 20 until May 28 2015. In accordance with the plan schedule set by the Muséum National d’histoire Naturelle (MNHN) Departement de prehistoire, I was given the opportunity to visit several laboratories and museums in Paris and the surrounding region.

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Student Training - Sofwan Noerwidi

As a young researcher in the Archaeological Office of Yogyakarta, it was a great experience for me to join the PrehSEA Project. It was in early 2015 when I join to the field school in Sangiran, Indonesia for the first time. I got some new experience not only regarding the good way of excavation, but also how to manage the collection in laboratory after retrieval from the field, and the conservation of the site for further research.

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Student Training - Dawn Satumbaga

I started my training when I was invited to join the PREHsea project in Palawan, Philippines on July 2013 and take part in the field school / case study. In 2014, with funding from the French Embassy, I was offered a mobility to attend lectures and seminars and undergo training at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris, France.

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Student Training - Omar Choa

As a student of the master programme in archaeology at the University of the Philippines Diliman, I followed the first PREHsea activities before being granted by the French Embassy (Manila) the opportunity to follow training in France. Besides taking the lectures and seminars, I focused on the conservation and study of prehistoric cave fillings: visit of sites, meetings with scientists in charge, training in laboratory.

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