About Prehsea

Objectives of the project

Strengthening the cultural sector of Prehistory and Human evolution and its actors as a vector to promote cultural diversity, international cooperation, sustainable economic, social and human development.


By means of regional collaboration, international and inter-sectoral cooperation, and thorough local dialogue, to develop good management practices for prehistoric properties, help to safeguard their integrity, assess their authenticity and value, contribute to their access for all socio-cultural categories, and foster the local socio-economic development.


  • Enhance awareness about the importance of prehistoric heritage in the development of the cultural sector.
  • Set up a fruitful and sustainable dialogue between state actors and civil society; steadied by (i) cooperative implementation of practical activities / correlative enhancement of local ownership and (ii) a regional cooperation dimension, intended to develop at ASEAN scale.
  • Develop good practices in the related field that are relevant for other Southern regions, fostering future trans-regional cooperation.
  • Contributing to address local needs in specialized human resources and transfer of ‘know how’; planning a relevant long term collaborative and international training programme.
  • Contributing to develop public-private synergy for sustainability purposes (money-consuming investment practices, e.g. H.R. training).

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